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Multi-Function Coating Machine
Located in Shandong, China, this machine is one of the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing equipments for adhesive tapes .

It uses comma roller coating method which are suitable for Rubber, Acrylic and Silicone adhesive coating on various type of backing material like polyester film, glass cloth and paper. It is also able to coat various processes according individual product specifications.

Machine Features:- >
Width of Guide Roller: 1400mm
Total Length of Coating Line: 48m
Height: 5.5m
Drying Oven: Consisting of 16 sectors
Finished Product (Output): Roll -> Jumbo Roll / Auto Rewind -> Log Roll

Advantage of Multi-Function Coating Line VS Normal Coating Machine
1. The switch of the drying oven is controlled by "Oil Pressure System". This system enables easy cleaning and safety to carry out maintenance job. Normal coating line uses “Up-Down” switch for control which causes inconvenience and risk to safety.

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance of drying oven. Drying oven is consistently kept clean to prevent contamination and product quality issue.

3. The drying oven consists of 8 sectors (4 meter/per sector). The total length of the drying oven sums at 32 meter which is longer than the normal usual coating line. High temperature tapes require a longer curing time. Longer length oven will eventually cut down the curing time whereas short Drying Oven takes  a longer time. Thus, resulting in lower production efficiency, higher cost of production. Therefore, product may have the tendency to meet poor quality issue  and deficiencies, making it the least competitive.

4. “SUMITOMO” Control Panel System- one of the most reliable electrical control system. Auto control function and “built-in” computerized system in which it serves ability to control the overall of the drying oven.

5. Coating Line with Auto Rewinding Function- With auto rewinding function, the coating machine is able to wind the finished products into log rolls directly. Storage space in warehouse and labor are minimized to carry out the rewinding process. Wastage are reduced from 3 to 10%.


Multi-Function Coating Line
               Online Auto-Rewinding System

                        Lamination System

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