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As part of social responsibility, we are committed to conduct the business in a manner that delivers environmental performance throughout all our products, services and activities.

We promised to:

Þ Stop Buying Environmental Hazardous Materials

Þ Stop Using Environmental Hazardous Materials

Þ Stop Selling Environmental Hazardous Materials

UL Recognised Products

QC Testing Method and Standard

Þ JIS Standard

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UL Listed Products Certification (Will be updated shortly)

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Lab Test

Þ Adhesion / Tensile Strength & Elongation / Tear Strength / Breakdown Voltage / Ball TACK / Holding Power (Cohesion / Solvent Resistant / Heat Resistant / Others

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Overseas Related Organisation / Flame Retardant Insulation Class


With the growth in customer’s demand, we strongly believe in the pursue of  best quality products through strict and seamless quality control system. We promised to deliver Quality Assurance to all our customers. We en sure all our products are certified by quality test reports, Material Safety Data Sheet, technical specification etc