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Slitting & Traverse Machine
- Flexible rewinder shafts: 4/8/12 shafts
- No. of one cycles: Max 40 rolls
- Cutting ability to a minimal width of 5mm

Functions: Slitting & Traversing of all adhesive tapes E.g. Film/With Glue Adhesive/Non-Adhesive backing tape/Polyimide Film/Polyester, etc...

Center Surface Film Slitter Rewinder
- Provide accurate width with minimal tolerance range
- Précised rewinding & tension control

Functions: Specially catered for précised slitting of FILMS tapes e.g Polyimide/Polyester Film. Ability to slit to a low précised width of 5mm.

Automatic Rewinding Machine
- Rewinding of Adhesive/Non-Adhesive tape into log roll.
- Ability to slit log rolls in accordance to customers' requirement while rewinding.
- Automated operation by micro-process control
- Tensile control setting
Big Roll/Large Diameter Auto Cutting Machine
- Ability to cut to a maximum diameter of 350mm
- Ability to cut to a minimal width of 5mm
- Automated programmed system

Functions: For cutting of large diameter adhesive tape rolls
Double Spindle Cutter
- Ability to cut to a minimal width of 2mm
- Cutting tolerance: + - 0.01mm
- Double spindle with micro processor for the pre-setting and control of work function

Functions: For cutting of various materials like PVC, OPP, PE, Masking, Double Sided tape, cloth tape.